Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring in your Step

I know fellow readers, it has been a long time... Through a few disabilities, mostly my clutzyness, I have emerged  nearly whole again. I fear I shall have to make this entry all about the shoes I can not wear quite yet. Sprained ankle... Pout*

These remind me of basket purses. I'm totally into renewable resources. And I have a few myself. I think it makes them very whimsy and not hoe-baggy. By indie designer Poetic License.

These are so whimsy. I totally fell in love with them. You could easily wear these Marc by Marc Jacob's flat with a lil' yellow or white sundress. I would personally load it up with lots of bangles and pull out all the stops with my white bamboo woven vintage bag and one of my Japanese paper parolsols. But I'd keep the make up in check. Lip gloss, cover up, and mascara only.

I don't know if I've posted about these shoes yet. I probably have. They are on my -really- want list. Could easily be dressed up or dressed down. If just wearing a black t-shirt, white cardigan, and jeans. But you can't forget your pearls with these shoes. I think my Tartan Target bag will be just fine.

There was a lot of tributes to Alexander McQueen on DIY sites recently. This was one of my favorites. By MijoUgly on Sense of Fashion.
A great new site I've completely fallen in love with. Not only is it Etsy-esque, but those who own shops can blog and really connect with their artistic qualities relating to what they do. And for 60 bucks, those are really cool heels.