Friday, May 21, 2010

I felt Dark Today...

I love Disneyland. But I love the dark things they end up doing as much as their light fluff. This is an adult homage to my love of Disneyland Noir. How love, and darkness can be one.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bringin' it Back - The lost art of the Lingerie

When I think of Lingerie, I think of all of the old Hollywood bombshells. I think if Rita, and of Marylin. I think of stockings and garter belts. I think of lace, corsets, and widow-makers. Not of Bras and panties. Anyone can have underwear. But true Lingerie is of the past.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sci-Fi Couture

Sorry Kiddies, I know I was out for a while. Pretty much was working OT and prob. will again this week. But not at this moment. I've done some sets over the weekend with polyvore that I think are awesome. One is Sci-Fi but 60's Sci-Fi feel. It was all inspired by the photo in the middle of the set. As well as, I kept seeing that leather bra-lette and really wanted to use it somehow, someway. So Let me know what you think!

Maybe it is because people are freaking out about 2012 that prompted me to create this. Maybe it was the fact I was wearing plump 60's hair and a bedazzled collar shirt last night, but here is homage to Sci-Fi's past, present and Future.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stylings for Moms.

I love moms. They really make the world go round. This was my submission to the Polyvore Set for Styling Moms.

Even if the only runway she walks it down the frozen food isle, our moms are magnificent multi-taskers. As is this outfit. classic "mom" with a art deco/Parisian touch. I chose the peril necklace. Very classic and chic and will always be. But I wanted to incorporate some of the vintage styles are are showing up on the runway. So I choose a collar-eque option instead of just a classic strand. But even though it is not a classic option, it can easily be paired with a nice blouse for work or a night at the opera.

The top, I choose to be something that can be worn as a cover-up to a nice bohemian option. Something that can be easily tossed on over an lacy undershirt and look like you slaved for hours on what to wear. The cinch hides our midsection "cookie-hookie" from our diet, while still appears to be form friendly.
One of the best things all women should own is a pencil skirt. I choose a neutral color, so it can be re-used with any type of top. But even though it is form fitting, it also has a slight distraction piece that draws any view down to your great calves. I say great calves and legs because they will be when you're wearing these shoes. The basket weaving is a throwback to the 70s, but with a nice and functional way. These shoes can be paired with a t-shirt and jeans an still bring out a very cool demeanor out of the wearer.

I also felt it appropriate to bring some of the slight "knotty" feel of the shoes into the accessories. I chose a gold knotted ring and a multi-strand link bracelet to tie it together. Both in color scheme and in simplicity.

Each piece can be reused in their own way in a plethora of combinations. Which is what all mom's need.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bayou Barbie

This dress is perfectly worn out on a backyard BBQ right on the Louisiana Bayou. Made a throwback with matching filigree necklace and made new school edge with the blue booties and made jaw dropping with a purse from Mary Frances.
A little bit of old. A little bit of new. And completely unique. That is what the south is really all about. Never forgetting where you came from and always looking at where you can go next. And in this outfit, all i want is to enjoy my sweet and tangy mojito and some good down home Cajun Soul Food dancing the night away in some great music under the lanterns all summer night long.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NO cloths, just Dancing in my Underwear tonight.

So tonight I'm just listening to My friend Tuesday made this great mix. And you can make your own. So if this isn't your brand of underwear dancing. Make something that is! Because that is the most beautiful thing in the world... a confident woman shaking what the good Lord gave her! (in her chonies)

The Macabre Daily Press Feat. Tabi Boots