Monday, August 16, 2010

The San Francisco Treat!: Day One.

No I'm not taking about Ricearoni or even Let's Make A Deal, (although sometimes family vacations FEEL like Let's Make a Deal).

I got back from vacation last Sunday. Sorry, it's taken me soo long to post our adventures! It was fantastic. I've made a Polyvore collection about our travels:

Scroll through and click on each one for their descriptions.

Vacation with families are good and bad. When we are out of our element, and we are more susceptible to being absolutely retarded. Like freaking out 5 times that we are on the wrong bus. Or almost coming to blows over leaving a gift shop while others in the party want to keep shopping. But it can also bring you more together. Like me and Sarah deciding to cob-a-squat in Golden Gate Park and just talk. But either way, it's all priceless. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Because in the end, you still spent time with your family.

Another thing about vacation, it bring attention to you what you really want in your life. It takes you away from the dirge of your life, the daily "grind" and allows you a different perspective of what you've been doing. And if that is something you'd like to -be- doing. What you really want to accomplish. I don't think most of us in our life really just want to live the way we want to live for only 2 weeks a year, if we're lucky, alone. But more than that. all 52 weeks. What can you do today to make yourself one step closer.

Don't make me pull a Tyler Durden. Don't make me pull a gun on you and make you submit to your dreams and what you want to accomplish.

I say this to you, my silent readers, but sometimes I think I mean it for myself. Some of us are lucky and got it right the first time. Some of us need more grace than life allows. But I do know, it's not too late for me. And it's not too late to finally take my vacation home. That feeling home.

Don't forget to do that. I know we all do. But this time, make the vacation last.

Oh right! Vacation! And then I went all philosophical. Ahem:

The first day we punched out the Mystery House. Which I really wanted to plant the GeoCache there that D, (my boyfriend), gave me. He totally into it, and I really hadn't had a chance to do it with him. So I got a horrible crash course at 12AM when I was buzzing off of excitement of the trip to come and lots of caffeine when I had to wake up at 5AM the next morning. Alas, I'd never actually -found- one and therefore didn't really know how to. And apparently my GPS was one nut shy of bolt-ing (te he he I finally got one!, family inside joke about Joe's Crab Shack), and I could never find a Cache, even though I thought there where some on the property. I still don't know if there is or not, I gave up and just decided to hide the special coin while there. I should have hid it where ANYONE could find it, apparently. And not on Private Property. Apparently Winchester is Private Property. Opps. AND you're suppose to hid them outside, out in the open. Again, opps. Someone should have given me the manual beforehand.
So here I am, trying to find a place to put it, (p.s. a big ass coin stuffed into a dental floss holder (hey! I was all I had!), apparently without following even the basic rules of a Cache. Well, I got the brilliant idea of hiding it inside the sables in a feedbag. Get it, floss... feedbag? LOL. I thought I was pretty smart, cute even. It was clever and witty and completely stupid, as it turns out. And I even pulled up my phone and got the GPS for it and texted D and was sooo proud of myself. As it turns out, my GPS was about a MILE off, we still don't know the coordinates, you're not suppose to hide it on private property without permission, let alone inside a building AND you have to pay to go on the tour to even TRY and get it. Did I mention stupid and opps yet?

So I call D, and then end up feeling like a nuntz because of all of this.

I meant well. I should probably mention the only reason I even did this was because he found a special geocache coin which is suppose to travel all 50 states being hid in already existing caches. AND I was going to CA and it hadn't been to CA yet. But since I couldn't find one, I tried to "make" one. Again, recap, opps, stupid, nuntz. Good we are all caught up.
Winchester Mystery House, front

But the real humorous bit was getting there. Nothing like trying to convince your dad that getting off AT Winchester Blvd is probably the right street. And then Food afterwards, good heavens! You would have thought we where trying to pick burial plots or something, not a place a eat. After turning down Subway, (of which we past 5, no joke FIVE), we finally decided just to turn in to a strip mall where food-esque shops appeared and ended up at this great burrito place. No one spoke English worth a lick, but their salsas where awesome. Top notch really.
that burrito never stood a chance.

Did I mention my dad and directions are poor companions and he REALLY should just always spurge for a GPS device in any Rental, really anything with wheels, or even things that take calls. Yep, GPS should be with him ALWAYS. Never trust people when they say they know where they are going. But only know how to get there "one way". Because it always happens that one way, is not the way you'll need to be taking that one day. And everything breaks down, the system collapses, totally chaos ensues and you find yourself screaming "FOR THE 15th TIME, IT'S FUCKING VANCOUVER ST! OK?!" and you know you've lost all cool points. So that wasn't the street, you'd think I'd remember which one I screamed Fuck after, but I don't, I just remember the F-bomb part and how I woke everyone up, because I gave turn by turn directions and then decided to take a nap just to be woken up with the same question and then after producing the answer several times, had to do it again. Don't wake the sleeping Fashionista. I need my beauty rest. 2 hours of sleep does not a lucid person make.

But, after all the yelling and direction issues, we did get to see the Painted Ladies. If you're not sure what group of row houses I'm referring to, you only have to watch a Full House re-run to get acquainted.
Painted Ladies

---Digress--- I did not know that Bob Saggat was such a foul mouthed old man! No really, his comedy was nothing like the show!! Really, it's kinda shocking the first time you watch one of his stand-up shows on Comedy Central. FIN.

And the trees there are old and big. Makes you feel insignificant and young in comparison.

4 of 4 doing a dance up the hill, the tree only LOOKS small.

But we eventually, painfully at times, got the car turned in, and walked down to Union Square.

Just to catch a Cab. But the walk was littered with awesome businesses and people. It was a people watching experience. If I wasn't so tired from walking 3 miles in a house! Crazy old Bat of a woman.

Probably the top of the cake was the Cabbie who totally make fun of AZ and dropped "Where's your Papers?!" jokes in a heavy accent all the way there. But he was still cool beans.

Said Cab Driver.

But we did get the the Hotel. The view was Beautiful!! We had view of the Warf.

And then our last adventure was Joe's Crab Shack, who's lights beckoned to us.

Me and Lemonie split a Pot while my dad greedily had his own. LOL. They are great pots. And of course we where complete jerks with conversation. But it was fun being around family.

You must go and read the directions on their Drink Menu... Priceless is all I have to say. Priceless.

FIN Day One.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Politics can be "fashionable"

People in this country really don't vote enough. I don't think we understand the concept of a vote at times. We don't understand our own processes. The checks and balances we have. And what extraordinary power we have been given. We let Sounds Bites dictate monumental decisions and give our Rights to Tag Lines.
As a Phsyc. Major, and I plan on getting a masters in Marketing, I understand the different between a hoax and a real issue. I know how to CREATE them.
Don't let businesses, who's bottom line is money, dictate what your government does. Don't let a sound bites and slurs determine your political standings. Research what each person brings to the table. Learn about your choices.
People come to this country for the massive amounts of freedoms we have. Don't let that be taken away because you are too busy listening to the bickering to realize the laws the pass in the back room.
Be Alice, Be Dorthy... look beyond the curtain and overthrow what does not work. Don't just get angry and choose a side that talks a lot but can't do anything.

Fall/Winter Preview: DSquared2 Spine Heel Shoes

I think why I like shoes so much is no matter if your a size 2 or a size 20, shoes can make or break any outfit, and can look just as good on any foot. I love the revolutionary pop-out designers of this A/W 2010 season:

Rattle 'Dem Bones

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am totally into this mini series called The LXD. The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Its by Jon Chu who also just completed the next movie in the Step It Saga.

This is soo amazing. Not just because of the dancers, but the directing and cinematography is also very well played.

Since I am a lover of all things creative and artistic. And this combines a lot of greatness in one pretty viewable package.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Universe's Dinner and other Paradoxes

Down to my Last Dime
Hoping on a prayer
And a Rhyme
To go with my Missing
Missing Reasoning
Why do I miss your
heartfelt kiss
Even though I never
Kissed back before
But now you've turned your back
and Now it's like a little
Part of me is missing
Missing the point

Of it all
Of the nights,
that one fall
Semester, so long ago
Where I was

Down to my Last Dime
Hoping on a Prayer and a Rhyme
To go with my Missing Reasoning
As to why I would miss
be Missing the point.

I kinda feel a little awkward sometimes. Not quite knowing if I'm staying or going. In this life of Eb and Flo, it seems to me that it's all a joke.

Maybe you just feel swallowed by the universe like I do at times. I feel like it is Lo and I'm "Dinner" being asked to let go of the past.

Sometimes  I can't make out people. Whether they are sincere or just playing the game.

Maybe I just need a vacation! I'm soo looking forward to San Fran!

I really want to get the culture down pat and visit all of the best places. If all goes well, I'll be able to travel more the next few years. Ya know, before the Mayans get something right.

Well, the ideal outfit for San Fran would totally be this:

The color scheme is light and airy, totally walkable up and down hills, and I thought the sea foam green was a good touch since it's a bay city.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coco Quote of the Day

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. -- Coco Chanel

Be Classic and Fabulous everyday.

This is something, years after the origional Coco has passed, that the empire kept alive.

How Fabulous where you today?

Personally I had a great day. I managed to sail through, rather unscathed. Yes, I decided to spend a perfectly good night in on a Friday Night, which seems criminal at the age of 25 when I live within 2 miles of the best strip of bars in Arizona. But somehow, unpacking my car, and getting my little abode the way I want it, seemed more important. I want this place to be Classy and Fabulous.
After all whatever else can you do with a rink-a-dink apartment so old that the walls shake when too many people have their air conditioners on, (and it is summer, so that means all the time). I plan to beautify the crap out of it. You heard me, crap out of it.

Needless to say, I found inspiration from my old world roots of My Fair Lady to really bring my wonderful girly bedroom into fruition. I always battled with two sides of myself. The side that LOVES color and vibrancy, and the other who loves that crazy kitchy yet not lady-who-owns-5-cats Shabby Chic.So I have opted for a compromise. Vibrancy in wardrobe, and Shabby Chic in the living quarters.

After-all, we all know my love of any type of bazaar shoe, as long it comes platformed somehow.
speaking of which, totally bought these fabu pumps! OK, so I bought them at Ross. And they where totally on the cheap. And cheaper because employee discounts are awesome, (somehow I thought that this scary statistic that something like 90% of everything in the world that is purchased is purchased by women was kinda bunk, then I saw myself shopping after I got paid...), and I suggest everyone get a 2nd job somewhere, after all according to Bush, "that is the American Way!", just for the discounts. Maybe there is just one purchase you really want at an amazing discount.
Not saying all of my purchases where selfish ones. I got new dishes for the kitchen. I know my dad got me some dishes, but they where too chipped, and without a dishwasher, (i told you this place was rink-a-dink), I really don't want bacteria to seep into the ceramic. AND I want a full set. Call me crazy. Tell me it's one of the stupid things that stuck from my Step-mom, but it is true. I want a full set of real dishes, glasses, and silverware. I don't want 6 different types of plates, including Christmas plates, . Right now the most miss-matched I can handle is my Ed Hardly Love Kills Slowly glasses sets (yes I even got the wine glasses and shot glasses to boot), and this Black and White flower/branch thing that is going on these new dishes I got. BUT They are both a full set in their own right Gosh Darn it! I also want REAL pans to cook with and not something I'm worried is going to give me some crazy disease later in life because the pan is sooo old the Teflon is completely flaking. CRAP! I didn't even KNOW that could happen! But our pan is living proof that even the most indestructible things can be completely taken out! (Feel vindicated dear Titanic, feel vindicated...)
Well, alas, it is nearly 4 am, I don't know how this happened, again. But I do know, that sleep should come -any- moment now.

Laters my dear monsters of the universe. Come out and play another day.