Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lane Bryant Promotional Video, Hot "Plus Sized Girls".... Totally Awesome

It is amazing to think that FOX and ABC did not want to show this and yet they show so much else... LAME.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pastel Entry for Polyvore.

I have tried my hand at the contest for Polyvore. It's been the site you've been seeing so much of lately. Frankly, I love putting together items, making a thought come through on here more than just one frame at a time. A video, if you will, of a complete thought.

Well, this is my attempt at "pastels". Frankly, I think they are underrated. (Thanks 80's!) I think now days there is a lot of Whimsy to Pastels. And that translates into a totally unique look for the young professional woman.

So that was the angle I took on this one. Let me know what -you- think...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blood runs Deep in the True South

So my roommate is really into the True Blood Series. And I wanted a few episodes. I like how it made the unbelievable believable... in an alternate universe sort of way.

I also love the blend of old and new ways. And I thought it being depicted in the south of brilliant. Always a slight undercurrent of resistance to the change of things deep rooted in tradition and steeped in a way of life that you must experience to understand.

Over all I'm going to try to give the show some more time to grown on me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” -- Lewis Carrol

As Ironic as it seems, this humble mathematician, has created a whole existence of thought, vocabulary, art, vision, and fashion from his books. This is just an collage of some of our interpretations of that work.

P.S. It's not featuring Juicy Couture panties. I just used the tea cup. Apparently panties are inside. Who knew. Not my first thing to think to stick in a tea cup and sell. I guess I'm not "Juicy Couture" enough. Besides, my butt wouldn't fit them anyways. I'm not tea-cupped sized. I'm a woman.

Ode to the 'Stache. Brought to you by the Letter M.

I thank thee Burt, Adolf, and many un-named Texans for bringing us the facial feature of joy. May you inspire more artistic creativity, as well as, everyone's ability to be French once in a while.

I recently attended a Mustache Party. I dressed in a Sheath Dress with a mock ruffle front white top and black high waisted pencil skirt with a chunky belt, Black pumps, and I was cute to boot. So even though I am having technical difficulties, Cough*Computers Suck*Cough, I felt I needed to Ode something. And why not the 'stache?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dedication to a Friend

Spring Looks: Cool Color Palate for the Classic Look

Although there are some expensive items in this look, all of them can be replaced with a Target brand replacement. Besides the main feature, the dress, is less than fifty bones.

Classic looks like Audry Hepburn and Jakie Kennedy will always be in style. It is a good look to invest in. And it happens to be a style that looks good on many body types and with the length of most of the styles you can wear slimming undergarments that will make you look seamless.