Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is Plus Sized really Plus?

Today I read some online articles about plus sized models. And in a strange way it angered me as much as it empowered me. It let me know I could do it, but it also made me angry and some women are in the category of "Plus" because they are not a size 6 or below. Example. Season 10 Next Top Model. So freaking hot! Size 10. Whitney is considered to be a plus sized model. I can see her rib cage. How plus can she -really- be?

Is that -really- plus? Not on my dimpled butt, she's not. She's a Woman, W O M A N. Not a 16 year old girl who ends up having to coke whore it up and share a carrot stick back stage by the time she's 19 because puberty is trying to kick in and add some cushion to her pushin' and that would make her loose a job. As one designer once said, (and I'm paraphrasing), to properly display pieces of work like fashion, it is better to display on the proper hanger. Well shit. I thought you guys just couldn't design anything to cover an ass because designing cloth for "real" women takes a measuring tape and some skill. I didn't realize it would throw off your epic design. Nevermind that 60% of your ready to wear collection isn't going to look like it does on your "hangers" because you're not designing them for who's buying them.

But there are other stories that made me light up. I think because the truth of the matter is clear: Honestly. Pure and simple.  Take Hungry, the book by Chrystal Renn. She wanted to be a model at the age of 14. She was told by a modeling agency that she would need to loose 9 inches. NINE INCHES off of her waist in order to be a model. 

And She did. She went from a 175 lbs and being 5'8" to being 95 lbs and 5'10". Which by even the BMI she was only slighly overweight, and went to being completely underweight and only part of the 2% of her age. Meaning 98% of people in her age rage weighted more than she did. Which is most models. They are not a cross slice of what we really are. And the fact she had to do it by being anorexic should have clued us all in. It's not possible to be naturally a  skeleton. A "hanger" if you will. 

I'm all for being healthy. Working out, getting a good sweat and eating a well balanced meal. I think fast food is what is killing American's and making our children overweight and full of health problems. And we are just now starting to understand. But to be within the 2% of your age rage at the age of 18?! When you're already in the best shape of your life?! That I'm not cool with. 

So if that means I would rather be a "Fat" and well balanced girl, then so freaking be it. Embrace your fat! Embrace yourself! Here is me being quite fashionable I might add. In all my chubby girl fashion. And I love it. (And I must wear that seater more often! It brings out the color of my eyes...)

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