Monday, June 21, 2010

New Trends for 2010

It's been so long that i wanted to do something special, a multi set list. These are some trends that I think we're going to see a lot more of.

Spoon Ring
$275 -
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Dior Blush - - Nordstrom
$40 -

This summer the wedge, like all summer is still in. However, take twist on the wild side with some non-traditional styles. Also, keep it still office fresh and clean by pairing with high waisted linen shorts and an organza top. Top off with some organic looking jewelry. And don't forget the orgainc colors of summer with a peach blush, and green and linen white shadows.

I personally made an addition of a briefcase styled purse from ModCloth and a blazer. Which, as it appears, is also sporting a new trend of a puff sleeve. But to avoid the errors of the 80's these shoulders contain more of a sci-fi feel than 80's pop star.

All together you have a fresh, new look with some old stand-by's

Diamond Swirl Ring
$21,600 -
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Owl City


Reinvented classic looks. With this dress is it s mock dress via a screen print detail. The new "glove" with being low cut and fingertip free. The pearl necklace is replaced by a multi-strand. And the classic wedge is replaced by peep toe heels with a reinvented with a wedge metallic bottom. Shoes guaranteed to make people take a 2nd look.

And you can't forget the simple handbag and the red lipstick. Which will always be in style just the way they are.

Blue Heaven Stretch
130 AUD -
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piece of news

Clean Chic. There is nothing to it than a white cotton/linen top and some great jeans. Slap a pair of classic stand-me-bys for heels, (I went with a great killer black wedge), and you got a great look. Weather you go classic All-American with a play on a tux shirt or go hippie with a care-free peasant top, you are sure to turn head with a clean and styled appearance.

Braided Belt
$95 -
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Opening Line Eyeliner
$12 -

Dance she said



Clearly the hippie, yet again, has been remastered. I this set, for summer, we have gladiator sandals and shorts. Organic/Indian styled accessories. Add a loose statement top and you are good to go.

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