Sunday, July 25, 2010

Politics can be "fashionable"

People in this country really don't vote enough. I don't think we understand the concept of a vote at times. We don't understand our own processes. The checks and balances we have. And what extraordinary power we have been given. We let Sounds Bites dictate monumental decisions and give our Rights to Tag Lines.
As a Phsyc. Major, and I plan on getting a masters in Marketing, I understand the different between a hoax and a real issue. I know how to CREATE them.
Don't let businesses, who's bottom line is money, dictate what your government does. Don't let a sound bites and slurs determine your political standings. Research what each person brings to the table. Learn about your choices.
People come to this country for the massive amounts of freedoms we have. Don't let that be taken away because you are too busy listening to the bickering to realize the laws the pass in the back room.
Be Alice, Be Dorthy... look beyond the curtain and overthrow what does not work. Don't just get angry and choose a side that talks a lot but can't do anything.

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