Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Universe's Dinner and other Paradoxes

Down to my Last Dime
Hoping on a prayer
And a Rhyme
To go with my Missing
Missing Reasoning
Why do I miss your
heartfelt kiss
Even though I never
Kissed back before
But now you've turned your back
and Now it's like a little
Part of me is missing
Missing the point

Of it all
Of the nights,
that one fall
Semester, so long ago
Where I was

Down to my Last Dime
Hoping on a Prayer and a Rhyme
To go with my Missing Reasoning
As to why I would miss
be Missing the point.

I kinda feel a little awkward sometimes. Not quite knowing if I'm staying or going. In this life of Eb and Flo, it seems to me that it's all a joke.

Maybe you just feel swallowed by the universe like I do at times. I feel like it is Lo and I'm "Dinner" being asked to let go of the past.

Sometimes  I can't make out people. Whether they are sincere or just playing the game.

Maybe I just need a vacation! I'm soo looking forward to San Fran!

I really want to get the culture down pat and visit all of the best places. If all goes well, I'll be able to travel more the next few years. Ya know, before the Mayans get something right.

Well, the ideal outfit for San Fran would totally be this:

The color scheme is light and airy, totally walkable up and down hills, and I thought the sea foam green was a good touch since it's a bay city.

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