Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coco Quote of the Day

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. -- Coco Chanel

Be Classic and Fabulous everyday.

This is something, years after the origional Coco has passed, that the empire kept alive.

How Fabulous where you today?

Personally I had a great day. I managed to sail through, rather unscathed. Yes, I decided to spend a perfectly good night in on a Friday Night, which seems criminal at the age of 25 when I live within 2 miles of the best strip of bars in Arizona. But somehow, unpacking my car, and getting my little abode the way I want it, seemed more important. I want this place to be Classy and Fabulous.
After all whatever else can you do with a rink-a-dink apartment so old that the walls shake when too many people have their air conditioners on, (and it is summer, so that means all the time). I plan to beautify the crap out of it. You heard me, crap out of it.

Needless to say, I found inspiration from my old world roots of My Fair Lady to really bring my wonderful girly bedroom into fruition. I always battled with two sides of myself. The side that LOVES color and vibrancy, and the other who loves that crazy kitchy yet not lady-who-owns-5-cats Shabby Chic.So I have opted for a compromise. Vibrancy in wardrobe, and Shabby Chic in the living quarters.

After-all, we all know my love of any type of bazaar shoe, as long it comes platformed somehow.
speaking of which, totally bought these fabu pumps! OK, so I bought them at Ross. And they where totally on the cheap. And cheaper because employee discounts are awesome, (somehow I thought that this scary statistic that something like 90% of everything in the world that is purchased is purchased by women was kinda bunk, then I saw myself shopping after I got paid...), and I suggest everyone get a 2nd job somewhere, after all according to Bush, "that is the American Way!", just for the discounts. Maybe there is just one purchase you really want at an amazing discount.
Not saying all of my purchases where selfish ones. I got new dishes for the kitchen. I know my dad got me some dishes, but they where too chipped, and without a dishwasher, (i told you this place was rink-a-dink), I really don't want bacteria to seep into the ceramic. AND I want a full set. Call me crazy. Tell me it's one of the stupid things that stuck from my Step-mom, but it is true. I want a full set of real dishes, glasses, and silverware. I don't want 6 different types of plates, including Christmas plates, . Right now the most miss-matched I can handle is my Ed Hardly Love Kills Slowly glasses sets (yes I even got the wine glasses and shot glasses to boot), and this Black and White flower/branch thing that is going on these new dishes I got. BUT They are both a full set in their own right Gosh Darn it! I also want REAL pans to cook with and not something I'm worried is going to give me some crazy disease later in life because the pan is sooo old the Teflon is completely flaking. CRAP! I didn't even KNOW that could happen! But our pan is living proof that even the most indestructible things can be completely taken out! (Feel vindicated dear Titanic, feel vindicated...)
Well, alas, it is nearly 4 am, I don't know how this happened, again. But I do know, that sleep should come -any- moment now.

Laters my dear monsters of the universe. Come out and play another day.

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