Monday, November 16, 2009

Designers and their across the track knock offs

I LOVE SHOES! They are my life force, the "oh!" in my day. They make me feel amazing and princess like. No matter how crappy I feel, or what I -must- wear for work, my shoe are my decision. Not to mention, shoes always fit. Pants do not alway fit, dresses do not accomidate my ass and my boobs at the same time it seems. But shoes. They never judge. Period. However, I do not love the designer price tag accompanying some of my drool feasts while walking though  a Nordstrom's. They make my inner child weep and throw a tantrum of "WHY! God! Oh Why are these beautiful works of art so out of my reach?!" 

But alas, I have found my savior in the internet and Google searches. Yes, I could go on E-Bay and find the shoe of my dreams and still pay a few hundred more than I was looking at. Even if it is less than buying retail. Or, I can be super thrifty and buy a good knock off. Yes, the days of Prado are still in effect. God Bless 'em. 

Example A: 

Buckle Boots I find mouthwatering.

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Multi Buckle Boots 

Mouthwatering design. I love the modern take on industrial with buckles. 
Price: $1,605.00
That is more than I make in one paycheck! Ok, that may be scary to think for some of you. But really... that much for a pair of boots?! I Googled and within a minute I found it's cheap-assed-normal-people-budgeted sister.

Nasty Gal had it in stock as Additional Buckle Boot:

Now granted it is not as chic as the origional but for $58.00 bucks are you REALLY going to argue the details? I thought not. I get the style I want without having to eat ramen for the rest of the month and use the internet at the library.

So, fashion can be sensible and affordable.

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