Saturday, November 14, 2009

My new Love: Esty has been a love of mine for quite some time. I love getting things that other people don't have and support self made artist. My artist hightlight this post is ATTILADESIGN. She makes these amazing designs that are so modern and can be added to just about any basic item to create some unique Haute Couture of your own. So even if someone -did- buy the same item, they won't be wearing what you're wearing. I was a -lil- shocked by her prices. I mean, I'm a poor broke college student for pete's sake! But in reality, she's not that bad, and it does directly to the artist. So, hell! Give into your need to be unique. Also I love that almost everything has straps. So you can adjust it to fit you, not the other way around. (ahem, you -all know what I mean. The girdles, the spanx, the ductape.)

Here's a taste:

This is the Rose Petal Leather Apron - Experimental Wearable Art - Romantic Couture Fashion - Distressed Fuchsia red - OOAK -

I would totally pair this with some skinny jeans and just a plain white tee and some killer shoes. I have a thing with the new Bordello line by Pleaser. Because you can get the shoe in every color -and- with optional sparkles. Hey! Don't mock the sparkles. Where would be without the Ruby Slipper in the Wizard of Oz. Those are some of the most iconic shoes ever.

Anywho, support the artists in the world who have the guys to put their shit out there. Esty you life.

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